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Malacca Straits Hotel
Melaka, Malaysia

A Heritage Woven in Hospitality

Located in Melaka, Malaysia, the intimate boutique-style Malacca Straits Hotel captures the city’s rich history and its people’s good nature for a memorable experience for those who choose the pleasure of staying awhile.

At the onset, guests already get a feel of Melaka’s heritage with the hotel’s traditional batik motif, highlighted by lush Songket fabrics and sleek teak furniture. Topping off this unique Malaysian flair is the friendly staff, eager to please and show guests the true meaning of a hearty service.

Allow Malacca Straits to keep you in high spirits and shower you with good old Melakan hospitality, one of the enduring traits of our colourful heritage. Reserve Now.

Malacca Hotel

A Lingering Warmth

The sincere favour our guests get from the staff isn’t the only comfort to expect while in Malacca Straits. Our 4-star batik-inspired accommodations are an invitation to luxury that’s hard to refuse.

Elegant with slender teak furniture and cosy with every modern convenience possible, these rooms exude warmth that stays with you even after you’ve gone to tackle the day’s itinerary. Details

Covering All Bases

At Malacca Straits, convenience is not just about providing snug accommodations nor is it only about offering willing service, though it is what we value most. It is also about having the right facilities to serve the guests’ diverse requests. If it’s a business requirement, a leisurely impulse, craving, or even just the need for added ease, you can be sure that the hotel has got it covered. Details